ReVamp Decor

Where home decorations get a new life…

Revamp = transform, refresh, fix, correct

Why choose ReVamp Decor?

Handmade product

Along with a handcrafted product, you will receive my hours spent experimenting, failing and succeeding, a piece of my heart and soul.


My products consist of recycled elements, by purchasing them you can contribute to a more sustainable future


All my work is different and therefore unique. I never make the same twice, only a similar one

Gift idea

Maybe you will find something that will remind you of someone to whom you could give it as a gift

Hungarian product

You can support Hungarian businesses by purchasing Hungarian products

I don’t have a production line, I don’t have a dozen products, in return you can see and buy unique and demanding artworks!

About me:

I’m Johanna Vári and I make unique home decorations from recycled materials. My whole life has been accompanied by creation, I have tried myself in many fields, I have mastered many different techniques over the years. Mosaic has become a great love of mine, but I occasionally use my other knowledge of materials when needed. Environmental awareness has always been a part of my life, I try to waste as little as possible, produce less garbage, which is how ReVamp Decor was created, where home decorations get a new life …

Would you like a special decoration for your home?

Are you looking for a unique gift?

 Workshop secrets:

Here you can get a glimpse of how i work and what i use. I show you phase photos and you can see some of my techniques