3D Fake Ladybug Prop With Stick

1 400 Ft

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 35 cm
Recycled materials




If you buy 4 + 1 will be a gift for you!

If you like cute, colorful garden ornaments, then this ladybug ornament can be a perfect decoration either in the garden or among indoor plants. It is also perfect as a gift, or you can simply use it to brighten up your garden, balcony or apartment! It can be a bright spot of color for the entrance, but you can insert it into a flower pot anywhere in the apartment. It lends a cheerful atmosphere to any part of the apartment.

I can imagine the ladybug in a graduation bouquet or as a wedding table decoration too.

Stick: 25-35 cm, Dimensions may vary by a few millimeters.

The ladybugs are made of aluminum, so they do not get hot. You can safely put them out in the sun.

A handmade product, there may be minimal differences in shape, color and pattern. It can be ordered with a unique pattern.