Glassmosaic picture “horse silhouette portait”

64 900 Ft

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 cm
Recycled materials



wood, glass, grout, metal, silicone



A round wooden panel inlaid with glass mosaics, what you can hang on the wall. I used anthracyte grout for it. It has a hanger.

A perfect gift for those who love horses, romance, spiritual or fantasy themed things.

White is the color and symbol of purity, innocence, peace and hope. It also has a refreshing and energizing effect. Due to its neutrality, it highlights the surrounding colors, so it can also be used as a contrast to strengthen other colors. White unites all colors, and since white has the highest vibration number, it has a particularly strong effect in healing. The color of self-control, immersion and transcendence.

I can also create a unique idea to order.

WARNING: To keep the product clean, it is recommended to wipe it with a moist cloth. Do not soak it and do not keep it outside below 0 degrees in winter, so our product will last longer.