Blue vintage serving tray “Butterfly”

19 900 Ft

Dimensions 25 × 40 × 5 cm
Recycled materials



wood, lacquer, metal, paper, chalk paint

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Made with transfer technique and painted. The base is wood.

Blue create a sense of calm and peace. Blue has a calming effect on us and directs our thoughts towards calmness and relaxation. As a result, we breathe more calmly and blink less often. We are more productive in a blue room, because the color blue calms us. In a relaxed mood, we can concentrate better and this increases our productivity. Therefore, the color blue can be a good choice for meeting rooms or places for brainstorming and workshops.

The butterfly is a symbol of beauty, and also a symbol of change, development, rebirth, and immortality.

I can also create a unique idea to order.

WARNING: To keep the product clean, it is recommended to wipe it with a moist cloth. Do not soak it and do not keep it outside below 0 degrees in winter, so our product will last longer.