Glass mosaic lampion or vase “Sea life”

23 900 Ft

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 10,5 × 14 cm
Recycled materials



glass, silicone, grout



This vase covered with glass mosaics gives off a great atmosphere when it glows from the inside. I used sylver grey grout for it. It is a multifunctional decoration. You can put a candle in it, or even an LED string of lights, but you can also use it as a vase.

A perfect gift for those who love seahorses, fantasy-themed things, romance, colourfull things.

The seahorse has several symbolic meanings: Patience and calmness, protection, friendship and cooperation, endurance, creativity and meditation, fatherhood.

The color blue exudes purity, quietness and coolness, harmony, safety, calmness, dissolution and the feeling of infinity. It lends silence, calms, stabilizes and helps to create harmony, which is why it fits very well in a meditation room or a room where people relax. It increases concentration, which is why it is often used in offices, because it helps balanced, productive work. It stimulates creativity.

I can also create a unique idea to order.

WARNING: To keep the product clean, it is recommended to wipe it with a moist cloth. Do not soak it and do not keep it outside below 0 degrees in winter, so our product will last longer.